Equipping your recruitment team to deal with the Brexit fall-out

Published: 21 August 2017
Author: James Chapman

We’re almost midway through 2017, but we still know very little about what Brexit actually means. Even without a defined Brexit deal, one thing we can be sure of though is that Brexit will bring some restriction to people’s movement. The result of this, when combined with the reluctance of some foreign talent to work in a country that has declared itself anti-immigration, will be talent shortages.

Having mediocre sourcing skills won’t be enough to compete in a market short on talent. Teams will need to excel at sourcing and approaching the talent that is available. They’ll need to have short time-to-hire so that candidates have attractive offers on the table before the competitors get a look in. And they’ll need to consider new partnerships that make them more agile in responding to changes in the economy and to their company’s recruitment needs.

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