Welcome to RoD

We are no ordinary company 

Recruiter on Demand (RoD) been delivering a very personal and immersive service for corporates in EMEA for over 20 years. All our people are seasoned TA professionals who truly embed within your team and execute with responsibility and consideration of your unique goals. This means we can truly deliver to the business and find and assess candidates on ability as well as cultural alignment.

What makes us different?

Our people.

Our team is diverse, dynamic and operates within a variety of industries and role functions.

The leadership

James Chapman

James Chapman

Managing Director – Founder

Jacqui Dominy

Jacqui Dominy

Chief Operating Officer



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The best team in the world

We are a family

Our team members arrive at Recruiter on Demand by various winds, ways and means. But we all have in common a single-minded approach to doing the best for our clients and their candidates from one end of the talent acquisition process to the other.

We are global

Working across our client portfolios embedded teams, our TAs connect and relate to candidates on a personal level to deliver results. Our dedicated and multilingual internal recruiters work across industry sectors. We become sector specialists for our clients.

Our people are highly experienced with a background in recruitment varying from twelve to three years. Everyone is supported by RoD and our onboarding team ensures your business is matched to the best team members. 

Our values

Our values guide how we like to do business and what you can expect when you work with us.


Our strong moral compass means we’re always honest and fair in the way we conduct business.


Few have the knowledge and skills we do to find new talent. We know our stuff.


We bring our creativity to work every day to find new and better ways to solve your talent acquisition challenges.


We’re accountable to our clients. We always follow through on our obligations, promises and commitments.


We respect others, treating them with care, attention and consideration – just as we like to be treated.

Working right by you 

We understand the time pressure you’re likely to be under, as well as the limited resources you might have internally to find the right talent. We recognise the challenges of relying on contractors and traditional recruitment agencies to find the right candidates — the time it takes to hire a new contractor, and the speculative CVs and hefty commissions from inexperienced recruitment consultants.  

As highly experienced talent acquisition experts, we wanted to do things differently. To distance ourselves from the traditional model and get closer to our clients.  

We care deeply about helping you hit your targets and achieve the success you’re looking for. So you can focus on what you do best, our focus is to build your trust in our ability to solve your immediate hiring needs. How? By offering an on-demand service that slots seamlessly into your business, a service that will flex up and down to meet your demand. As we charge you based on time, not commission, you can carefully control your hiring costs. 

We’re determined, too. We can draw on the skills and strengths of our wider team to cross-pollinate ideas and expertise to achieve the best results for you, faster. We’ll look beyond job titles and skills to find candidates that fit the specific criteria of an organisation’s unique culture.