Artic Shores

How recruiter on demand’s flexible approach supports arctic shores in their search for key talent

Who are Arctic Shores?

Arctic Shores are an award-winning software company that uses behaviour-based assessment technology powered by psychology, cognitive neuroscience and data science

to remove unconscious bias from key points in the recruitment process and optimise the recruitment process.

Whether assisting employers to select the optimal candidates for their needs or allow individuals to make better career choices, Arctic Shores has become the go-to company, globally and nationally.

Using our innovative technology and strategic expertise, we have helped reduce stress, slash costs and save valuable time for multinationals such as Siemens, PwC and the Ministry of Justice, as well as over a million candidates.

Why did we choose Recruiter on Demand?

Over the past few years, we have experienced unprecedented growth due to our innovation, high levels of client satisfaction and attracting increasing industry attention. We’ve been named in the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50, picked up several awards and more recently, added our two millionth client to the platform.

As a result, our recruitment requirements were also increasing. We understood that if we wanted to continue to provide an optimal level of service for our clients, we’d need to focus on growing our team.

Despite the pressures, we knew that we needed to create a well thought out, strategic recruitment process that would utilise the best channels to attract quality candidates for our roles. This included both job advertising and headhunting. It also needed to be cost-effective and deliver multiple hires in a limited time frame.

Luckily, help was just around the corner. We were introduced to Recruiter on Demand by Libby Penn, a former client who worked for one of Arctic Shores investors.

Our challenges: finding the right candidates who ‘tick all the boxes’

As a market leader in behaviour-based psychometric tests, we were acutely aware of the challenges we’d face when searching and employing new team members.

Understanding how our business works, our values and processes and the dynamics of our organisation was imperative if we were to successfully hire new team members.

We needed Recruiter on Demand to understand which critical skills we were looking for and why and understand the market for the skills we were looking for, then use this to shape a candidate profile. This also had to be malleable to a certain degree to allow us to adapt our needs to the current candidate market whilst staying within the timeframe and salary budget.

As we were soon to discover, Recruiter on Demand was the optimal choice.

The solution

One of the things that most impressed us about working with Recruiter on Demand was the time they took to understand our unique organisation, in terms of needs, values and dynamics, before they moved towards developing a strategy. We felt confident that we had found our ideal recruitment partners 

Then by using digital technologies such as TeamTailor, LinkedIn and various job boards, they were able to research the current state of the market and whether there was talent out there that would best meet our needs. They were also able to build in psychometric testing earlier into the recruitment process because this was key to our hires 

We also had regular, honest conversations throughout the process that allowed us to agree on a way of working and therefore make quick decisions aligned to their expectations. This provided them with the autonomy to act without always asking and grow a mutual trust relationship.

Thanks to their open, flexible and responsive approach, they were able to manage the recruitment process for multiple hires, deliver on time and within budget and feed back any learning from the candidate market or problems experienced during the process to streamline future recruitment processes. They truly exceeded our expectations. 

The Results

We now have a long-term, ongoing relationship built on trust that can adapt to suit whatever stage of the recruitment process we are in and meet our changing needs.

Owing to the ‘template’ we have created together, we can hit the ground running with any project, safe in the knowledge that Recruiter on Demand will be there when we need them the most.

Because of their flexibility, understanding and the trust, we have built as a team, we know that our future recruitment needs will always be met. They know our hiring managers and our processes, they provide an extremely cost-effective recruitment solution, and we know that they’re ready to jump in whenever we need great people added to our team.

Feedback from Arctic Shores

“Working with Recruiter on Demand has been a real eye-opener,” says Shonagh Wardell, Head of People Ops at Arctic Shores, “They took the time to thoroughly understand our organisation and our needs before pushing forward with strategy and implementation which meant we could meet our precise hiring goals and attract key talent to the organisation.

“By using a well-executed consultative approach and building excellent relationships with our hiring managers, they have helped us fill junior roles, mid-level management roles, marketing roles, HR and IT roles, replacement roles and helped us headhunt for more specialist roles.

“They know our process and can respond at short notice to deal with whatever challenges or new requirements we need help with. Because they understand the role of psychometric testing in our recruitment process, we know that they will be there when we need them.”

Recruiter on Demand develops bespoke recruitment strategies for your unique organisation.

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