How Recruiter-On-Demand’s Innovative Approach Helped Award-Winning SaaS Company Medallia Flexibly Scale Their TA Team

Who is Medallia?

Medallia is an award-winning SaaS company in the Customer Experience space that captures data signals from multiple sources to help make sense of the online experience.

Headquartered out of San Francisco in California, Medallia is a truly global business with over 2,000 staff across the world, and more than 1000 leading brands trusting their expertise.

By transforming this data from digital channels, video, social media, and other sources, it allows teams to create a fast, frictionless experience for customers, drive revenue and optimise the user experience.

Medallia are expanding at around 30% pa, especially in Sales and Tech hiring and they operate across EMEA with legal entities in most countries in this territory.

What was the Need?

Flexibly Scale TA Team

Medallia wanted to temporarily expand their TA capability in EMEA during a period of increased hiring requirements. For a period they needed additional great TA resource to integrate and work alongside their existing TA team.

Simple to Turn-Off

Ability to easily scale down or end any engagement was also important.

Key requirements

  • Increase directly sourced quality candidates
  • Maintain a great recruitment experience
  • Continue to provide an incredible service for the hiring community

Why Medallia chose Recruiter on Demand?

RoD were Trusted

Medallia’s new Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, Tey Scott recommended Recruiter-On-Demand due to previous positive experiences working with us.

Track Record

Recruiter on Demand have a track record within Sales and Tech hiring in the SaaS space in EMEA.

Save Time & Deploy Immediately

There was no need for Medallia to spend time advertising and interviewing individual contract TA’s, nor take the risk of having to repeat the process if things didn’t work out with any of them.

We can quickly supply, on an interim basis, our own talented, experienced TA’s. This meant we would be able to hit the ground running for Medallia.

The Guarantee

Recruiter on Demand guarantee the effectiveness of their TA’s and Sourcers and offer an immediate swap-out of resource if anyone isn’t performing in a client’s environment.


Medallia also needed a flexible engagement so that they could reduce the service after hiring more TA’s for their own permanent team or if hiring requirements from the business changed.

Avoid Agency Usage

Our TA’s work as temporary resource internally to our clients. We charge on a fee for time basis to make direct hires, so avoid agency usage and related placement fees.


Bearing in mind the above, Medallia felt confident we would be able to provide the optimal support they needed to seamlessly scale their TA team and continue to support the business to recruit the best talent in the market.

What happened?


Our Terms are simple and it was straightforward for us to get them agreed with Medallia.

Speed and Flexibility of Deployment

Within a day we had onboarded two of our TA’s, experienced in SaaS Enterprise and Mid-Market Sales hiring in EMEA, and they got off to a flying start.

Shortly after, Medallia’s requirements changed, and we added four experienced TA’s for sales recruitment as well as three specialist TA’s for their tech hiring team.

Our TA’s integrated seamlessly with Medallia’s TA team, systems and processes. Each of our people had use of LinkedIn Recruiter Seats – some provided by Medallia and some by us.

Working with the Business

As with Medallia’s own TA team, our TA’s interacted with the hiring managers, found them strong candidates to evaluate and managed their expectations, which meant hiring plans continued to be met.


Direct hiring went up dramatically and Medallia were able to scale back most agency usage 

How it Ended

During the engagement Medallia hired further permanent headcount for their TA team which meant there was no longer a need for our support.

At that point, Medallia were able to end their engagement with Recruiter on Demand.

Going Forward

As the Recruiter on Demand team know Medallia, their TA Team, processes and hiring managers, we can quickly deploy to provide support if needed again in the future.

The Results

Medallia are ahead of their hiring plan and most hires were direct.

Using RoD they were able to respond swiftly to changing hiring needs and continue to support the business by sourcing high quality Sales and Tech candidates for the EMEA market.  

What was special about Recruiter on Demand?

Great with the Hiring Community

Other than speed and quality of service, RoD’s people were 100% engaged in making this work. They are all experienced TA’s in SaaS Sales and Tech hiring and gelled really well with the hiring community 

Personal & Collaborative Service

It was never a ‘them and us’ situation and Medallia never felt like they were just another client. They received a highly personal service and Recruiter on Demand TA’s really cared about getting great hiring outcomes.

Not Just a Skeleton TA Service

We provide day to day management of all our people and are always looking to maximise performance and provide additional help where needed.

We also gave Medallia additional resource in the background, just to make sure the delivery continued to go smoothly when things got really busy.

Taking Responsibility

With so many moving parts there were the odd problems and, in fact, one of Recruiter on Demand’s TA’s just wasn’t quite right for Medallia. They had noticed and so had Recruiter on Demand’s Director, James Chapman and they agreed a change was needed. The person was switched out there and then and the replacement very quickly made-up for lost ground.

Overall, we at Recruiter on Demand just wanted to do the right thing by Medallia.

A few words from Medallia’s Director of Talent Acquisition…

Recruiter on Demand are agile, quick learners who can move to different priorities swiftly and are incredibly flexible. They adapted to our systems easily and were able to hit the ground running,” says Anna Britt, Director of Talent Acquisition for Medallia in EMEA and APAC.

“This has been invaluable during the massive growth period that our company has been experiencing – we’ve needed to reach numerous headcount targets for enterprise and mid-market roles which added a considerable amount of pressure.”

“With the support and expertise of Recruiter on Demand, we have been able to hit these targets whilst gaining the breathing space we needed to bring in our own talent acquisition staff. Whilst they have started the hand over process, knowing that we can call on them whenever the need arises provides excellent peace of mind.”

How could Recruiter on Demand help you reach your recruitment targets and attract key talent?