Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions by our potential clients.

How is RoD different from other recruitment agencies?

RoD provides expert TA’s/sourcers who integrate with our clients internal recruitment team and drive direct hires, charging only for our time. Zero placement fees, faster hires.

How is RoD better than hiring a contract recruiter?

We save you the trouble of managing and hiring a contract recruiter, and the risk of going through intensive hiring only to get unsatisfactory results. Our service offering is completely risk-free which means that we manage the TA’s we provide you with, and can seamlessly replace them if necessary without interrupting the hiring process.

How long does it take for the RoD team to set up?

Our TA team can hit the ground running and can be setting up hires within a week.

What if I’ve hit my hiring target? Can I end the contract anytime I want?

Yes, our TA’s are fully flexible and need-based, so you can turn us on/off as you need.

What if I don’t like the results from one of the TA’s provided by RoD?

At RoD, we ensure you take minimal risk. So on the low chance that one of our TA’s does not suit your requirements, we can immediately replace them with another and keep the hiring process seamlessly moving forward.

Our hiring targets constantly change, does RoD allow flexibility for that?

Yes, whether your hiring volume needs to be increased or decreased, we can seamlessly add or remove TA’s from the team working with you.

Where are the RoD TA’s based?

Embracing the WFH mindset, all our TAs are remote and have extensive experience of hiring in EMEA

What type of candidates can you find for me?

We have a highly experienced team. Our recruiters specialise in various industries, corporate roles and niche sector specific roles.

Can I just get sourcing services rather than an internal recruitment team?

Yes, we have a powerful offering of ID, sourcing and assessing also available to seamlessly integrate with your current TAs. This way TAs can spend more time interviewing and delivering candidates instead of stressing about ID and outreach.