How it works...

We fit in seamlessly with your internal team, quickly get to grips with your internal processes, and follow your onboarding processes to the letter. But more than that, we’ll tailor our services to support your needs, and work hard to add value wherever we see an opportunity.

Our team are your team

Once onboard and your requirements have been determined and understood by the team, we allocate the best TAs to suit your needs. They can hit the ground running and can be setting up hires within a week.

Our team becomes fully on-boarded with your business, from brand personality, culture – even Linkedin banners! 

They work their magic and source the best candidates. Throughout this process, you will have one delivery manager to address any queries. All candidates are managed on your ATS. 

At the end of the contract, we supply you with your metrics and develop our service further for future requirements.

ID and Outreach

  • Developing a pipeline of candidates – only for your business
  • Passive candidate searches
  • Writing and placing adverts
  • Managing candidate responses
  • Enhancing your onboarding processes

Assessment and Selection

  • Assessing CVs to identify quality applicants
  • Undertaking in-depth screening by phone, video or in person
  • Effective and engaging pitch regarding the company, the role and the brand   
  • Reviewing candidate backgrounds  
  • Management of relevant candidates into TA or Hiring Manager diaries

Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Manage, prioritise and close all open job positions assigned
  • Build and maintain relationships with hiring managers
  • Be part of the wider TA team and build employer brand
  • Own the candidate experience
  • Recruit passive candidates
  • General recruitment administration

Smashing Targets

Our TAs are fully flexible and need-based, so you can turn us on/off as you need. This includes if we hit target before the end of your contract. 

Whether your hiring volume needs to be increased or decreased, we can seamlessly add or remove TAs from the team working with you.

The benefits for your organisation

Speed, high quality and experience

Our ‘on-demand’, talented, and experienced hands will help you react with lightning speed and take the risk out of hiring the wrong contractor. Recruiter in Demand has extensive experience partnering with large international businesses and enterprises to deliver high-volume & complex projects. We have the agility to scale in alignment with your strategic objectives and our flexible solution means we can adjust resources to deliver on time.

Flexible and low-risk

Forget 3 or 6-month contracts. Our pricing structures are designed with you in mind and are fully flexible according to your requirements. We use a cost-for-time model based on a day rate just like contractors. Alternatively, you can pay for results only. It’s a simpler, more convenient way of working designed to make your life a lot easier. 

Simply turn the tap on and off to match demand – no commitment, no hassle, no problem. 

Ability embedded into your business

We’ll get to grips with your business and culture quickly to build relationships with hiring managers – minimising the time to meet your hiring brief. Our impact will be immediate and positive, reducing your team’s workload.