We slot into your in-house recruitment and resourcing team in a way that works for you.

Our service is designed to let you be agile – dealing with spikes in demand without having to find, assess, on-board and manage a contract or freelance recruiter.

What to expect of Recruiter-On-Demand

With Recruiter On Demand you can access the skills of experienced recruitment professionals as and when you need them. You pay for one of our recruiters or resourcers to work as a full-time or a part-time member of your team for as many weeks as you need us to. Besides dealing with the recruitment work you need done, we’ll also:

Represent your brand

Your Recruiter On Demand works as a member of your team and represents your brand and your interests at all times. All the work we do for you belongs to you, and can be fed into your talent pipeline.

Require minimal management

Every recruiter on our team is experienced. Once we’ve been briefed on your company, your processes and your recruitment strategy we can take it from there.

Focus on quality of hire

Yes, we work fast, but we know that quality of hire is ultimately the most important thing. All of our team are experienced in dealing with complex recruitment and know what making quality hires involves.

Work from our offices

All of our recruiters and resourcers work from our offices in Brighton. We’re all set up and have everything we need to start work on your project as soon as you give the go-ahead.

Use your ATS or ours

Because getting a contractor access to internal systems can take a while, we use our Applicant Tracking System. This means your Recruiter On Demand can get to work immediately.

Come with back-up

If your assigned recruiter is ill, their work is picked up by another member of our team. All of our recruiters can also tap into the experience of the whole team if we need to.

The benefits of a Recruiter On Demand

  • Lets you scale your team to match demand
  • Keeps you in control of all aspects of the recruitment process
  • Gives you precise control over your recruitment budgets
  • Supports your direct sourcing strategy
  • Feeds your talent pipeline
  • Doesn’t add to your permanent headcount
  • Gives your candidates a seamless branded experience
  • Frees up time of you and your team to focus on succession planning, managing stakeholders and the final steps involved in making quality hires.


When you use Recruiter On Demand you:


  • Pay a fixed fee for our services
  • Pay only for the level of service you need (if you need the equivalent of a recruiter two days a week for six weeks, that’s what you pay for)
  • Aren’t tied in to a long-term contract – you decide what you need from month to month.

How do we compare?

Using a Recruiter On Demand is more flexible and immediate than a traditional full-service recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution. And with no placement fees, it’s far, far more affordable than using a recruitment agency.

Retaining the services of a full-time Recruiter on Demand will cost you a similar amount to hiring a freelance recruitment contractor or talent scout. The difference is that we come fully resourced, ready to start, and with the support of a full team behind us. There are no on-boarding costs, no time off for illness or holiday, and no need to manage us.

And if you need us again in a few months’ time, we’ll be there, ready to start immediately.

Because every company is different, all our support services are tailored. Tell us what your challenges are and where you need extra support, and we’ll design a service that fits your budget.


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