Webinars for in-house recruitment teams

We run webinars to share our specialist recruitment experience,  and tools, processes and insights that can help in-house recruitment teams be even more effective.

Recruiter on Demand

The Secret Weapon Corporate Recruiters Need To Know About

James Chapman works with internal recruiting teams around the world. He regularly encounters recruiting teams struggling to manage surges in requirements from the business (wherever they may occur in the World); struggling to win the internal battle to have more recruiting resource for their department; and finding it a challenge to stop cost per hire spiralling when internal resource is maxed out. On this live call he’ll share how you can use the concept of a “Recruiter on Demand” to address these challenges in your business. Do mark this call in your calendar and be sure to join us for what will be an invaluable session


Make more hires in less time

Proven methods to cut your time-to-hire

In this webinar we share the proven methods we use to support corporate recruiting teams in making multiple and complex hires faster. We’ll share tools and processes that you can start using immediately to speed up your hires without compromising on quality.


Live Q&A on sourcing quality candidates

Improve your in-house candidate sourcing skills

What are your team’s biggest sourcing challenges? What do you find the most frustrating?  Join one of our regular Q&A sessions to find out what works best when you need to consistently source quality candidates.  Come away with approaches that you can put into practice immediately.


Candidate sourcing as part of succession planning

Intelligent candidate sourcing to support your succession plan

In this session we discuss how candidate sourcing can support a good succession strategy. We consider the balance and practical differences between internal hires and external hires, before taking a more detailed look at how to find and successfully approach quality external candidates.  


How to find and win over rare talent

Learn how to make

Your team may be good at identifying exceptional talent, but how good are they in making that initial approach and convincing a potential candidate to consider what you’re offering? In this webinar, we share with you the secrets of an effective approach, as well as the one critical mistake that in-house recruiters make when approaching rare talent.