We help in-house recruitment and resourcing teams find, assess and select candidates for experienced and senior roles.

With Recruiter-On-Demand you can immediately expand your in-house recruitment team without increasing headcount.

Support services for in-house recruitment and resourcing teams

If your company’s growing fast, you’re surprised by a big project you have to resource at short notice, or your team’s a person down, we can help you make quality hires in good time. Whatever the situation, our recruiters and resourcers can support you in three key areas:

Sourcing & Attraction

We’re experienced in both active and passive candidate search and can take care of all the research and administration involved in sourcing and attracting top-class candidates. This includes:

  • Online research
  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Digital approach
  • Phone approach
  • Social referrals

Assessment & Selection

Managing responses and whittling down streams of candidates into quality shortlists can save your team hours of time. As part of this process our recruiters / resourcers can provide:

  • CV-sifting
  • Candidate interviews (phone, video or face to face)
  • Candidate management
  • Psychometric testing
  • Assessment centres

Strategy & Advice

Our team consists of recruitment professionals from a variety of backgrounds with years of experience in both the commercial and the public sectors.

We can advise you on everything from streamlining your processes and optimising your direct recruitment resources, to where you should be looking for talent, and how to strengthen your talent pipeline.

Recruiter On Demand in action

The project resourcing challenge

Richard heads up the resourcing team at a national civil engineering consulting firm. Along with his two colleagues, he struggles to support recruitment for ad hoc projects that get thrown at his team at short notice a couple of times a year. Richard had to use recruitment agencies on the last big project, which his stakeholders weren’t happy about paying for.

The challenge of overwhelming response rates

Gillian is the recruiter for an international development organisation. She’s one half of a team of two. Her colleague is a coordinator, and all the resourcing and recruitment fall to Gillian.

One of the organisation’s strong points has meant that Gillian’s workload is far greater than some of her colleagues in similar sized organisations. The organisation has a great employer brand, and they get an overwhelming response to adverts for programme management roles around the world. Gillian was struggling to cope, but with the number of actual hires and the recruitment budget they had, the organisation couldn’t justify another permanent employee.

Because every company is different, all our support services are tailored.
Tell us what your challenges are and where you need extra support, and we’ll design a service that fits your budget.


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