5 easy ways to reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process.

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5 easy ways to reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process

Our new whitepaper looks at steps to eliminate unconscious bias in recruitment processes. Although unconscious bias can affect our decisions in all areas of life, it is especially prevalent in the workplace.

Unconscious bias comes into play in the early stages of the recruitment process and can be evident in the wording of job adverts, interview selection and during the interview process.

In recruitment the terminology of ‘company fit’, and decisions based around it, often results in the selection of candidates who are similar to the hiring manager, and the rejection of candidates with unfamiliar characteristics. Simply put, unconscious bias means that we tend to hire people who are just like us.

In collaboration with Marshall E-Learning, diversity training specialists, ‘Five steps to understanding and eliminating unconscious bias in your recruitment process’, explores the key themes of unconscious bias and how organisations can address the issue.

By not addressing bias in your search for talent, companies risk losing out on securing the best person for the job, as well as allowing personal bias to influence company decisions.

Download our whitepaper on unconscious bias today to learn: 

  • How unconscious bias affects the search and recruitment of new talent.
  • How to recognise bias in candidate attraction, recruitment and hiring of staff.
  • Strategies to minimise bias to attract, select, and develop employees.


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