Our clients trust us to ease the pressure on their TA teams. You will too.


Just like your internal TA team, we work entirely with your best interests at heart, as well as to your processes, bringing in additional skills when you need them. We’ve designed our services to ensure we take responsibility, build relationships with line managers, and  represent your employer brand as an employee:

ID and Outreach

  • Developing a pipeline of candidates
  • Passive candidate searches
  • Writing and placing adverts
  • Managing candidate responses
  • Enhancing your onboarding processes

Assessment and Selection

  • Assessing CVs to identify quality applicants
  • Undertaking in-depth screening by phone, video or in person
  • Effective and engaging pitch regarding the company, the role and the brand   
  • Reviewing candidate backgrounds  
  • Management of relevant candidates into TA or Hiring Manager diaries

Talent Acquisition Consultant

  • Manage, prioritise and close all open job positions assigned
  • Build and maintain relationships with hiring managers
  • Be part of the wider TA team and build employer brand
  • Own the candidate experience
  • Recruit passive candidates
  • General recruitment administration

The benefits for your organisation

Speed and experience

Finding great contract TAs as good as you hoped can be a challenge. Our ‘on-demand’, talented, and experienced hands will help you react with lightning speed and take the risk out of hiring the wrong contractor.

Flexible and low-risk

Forget 3 or 6-month contracts. We use a cost-for-time model based on a day-rate just like contractors. Simply turn the tap on and off to match demand – no commitment, no hassle, no problem.

High-quality service, ability and experience

We’ll get to grips with your business and culture quickly to build relationships with hiring managers – minimising the time to meet your hiring brief. Our impact will be immediate and positive, reducing your team’s workload.

Why our clients trust us

Our in-house or remote talent-acquisition expertise helps Heads of Talent Acquisition in large corporates scale up their TA Teams immediately. We dovetail seamlessly into your TA team to help the business source, attract, assess and select high-quality, culturally-aligned candidates quickly and efficiently. And because our services are ‘on-demand’, we charge by time, and there are no lengthy contracts to honour. It’s a simpler, more convenient way of working designed to make your life a lot easier.

How it works

We fit in seamlessly with your in-house team, quickly get to grips with your internal processes, and follow your onboarding processes to the letter. But more than that, we’ll tailor our services to support your needs, and work hard to add value wherever we see an opportunity.

What we do

Your business might be growing fast, or you have a large project to resource quickly. We’re here to integrate with your existing in-house talent acquisition and resourcing teams to find, attract, assess and select high-quality, culturally-aligned candidates. We also offer consultancy and advice to help you maximise your whole talent acquisition function.