Our team is your team

Your business might be growing fast, or you have a large project to resource quickly or you feel overwhelmed trying to deal with agencies and want to hire direct. The mainstay of our assignments covers core functions including Marketing, Sales, IT, Tech, Finance and HR.

Our Services

When you sign with us

We fully onboard our people to live and breathe your company values, culture and requirements. RoD comprises dedicated specialist internal recruiters working across industry sectors.

We’re here to integrate with your existing internal talent acquisition and resourcing teams to find, attract, assess and select high-quality, culturally-aligned candidates. We also offer consultancy and advice to help you maximise your whole talent acquisition function.

Embracing the Work From Home  mindset, all our TAs are remote and have extensive experience in hiring in EMEA. 

How it works

  • ID and Outreach
  • Assessment and Selection
  • Talent Acquisition Consultant

We fit in seamlessly within your team, quickly get to grips with your internal processes, and follow your onboarding processes to the letter. But more than that, we’ll tailor our services to support your needs, and work hard to add value wherever we see an opportunity.

Recruiter on Demand Guarantee

Change your TA resource at any time. Our flexible and proactive service ensures you have the best resource to efficiently deliver your requirements.

Return on investment for your organisation

Speed, high quality and experience

Our ‘on-demand’, talented, and experienced hands will help you react with lightning speed and take the risk out of hiring the wrong contractor. Recruiter in Demand has extensive experience partnering with large international businesses and enterprises to deliver high-volume & complex projects.

We have the agility to scale in alignment with your strategic objectives and our flexible solution means we can adjust resources to deliver on time.

Flexible and low-risk

Forget 3 or 6-month contracts. Our pricing structures are designed with you in mind and are fully flexible according to your requirements. We use a cost-for-time model based on a day rate just like contractors. Alternatively, you can pay for results only. It’s a simpler, more convenient way of working designed to make your life a lot easier. 

Simply turn the tap on and off to match demand – no commitment, no hassle, no problem. 

Ability embedded into your business

We’ll get to grips with your business and culture quickly to build relationships with hiring managers – minimising the time to meet your hiring brief. Our impact will be immediate and positive, reducing your team’s workload.

Why our clients trust us

Our results speak for themselves. 

4.9/5 clients satisfaction

4.8/5 candidate satisfaction

94% of the roles we’re given are filled

We’ll take the strain, remove the stress, and always work with your best interests in mind. 

Our talent-acquisition expertise helps Heads of Talent Acquisition in large corporates scale up their TA Teams immediately. We dovetail seamlessly into your TA team to help the business source, attract, assess and select high-quality, culturally-aligned candidates (just for you) quickly and efficiently.

Just sourcing, please…

Your business is our business. If you just need potential candidates, we have a powerful offering of ID, sourcing and assessing also available to seamlessly integrate with your current TAs. This way TAs can spend more time interviewing and delivering candidates instead of stressing about ID and outreach.

Working right by you

We understand the time pressure you’re likely to be under, as well as the limited resources you might have internally to find the right talent. We recognise the challenges of relying on contractors and traditional recruitment agencies to find the right candidates — the time it takes to hire a new contractor, and the speculative CVs and hefty commissions from inexperienced recruitment consultants.  

As highly experienced talent acquisition experts, we wanted to do things differently. To distance ourselves from the traditional model and get closer to our clients.  

We care deeply about helping you hit your targets and achieve the success you’re looking for. So you can focus on what you do best, our focus is to build your trust in our ability to solve your immediate hiring needs. How? By offering an on-demand service that slots seamlessly into your business, a service that will flex up and down to meet your demand. As we charge you based on time, not commission, you can carefully control your hiring costs. 

We’re determined, too. We can draw on the skills and strengths of our wider team to cross-pollinate ideas and expertise to achieve the best results for you, faster. We’ll look beyond job titles and skills to find candidates that fit the specific criteria of an organisation’s unique culture.