Would an in-house recruiter help you to save money and grow?

We’ll be there when you need us and you can save 60% – 80% compared to recruitment agencies.

Recruiter On Demand will

Provide you with a dedicated internal recruiter for your team only when you need them

Cut the time it takes to identify and hire specialist staff

Help you control budgets and avoid agency fees


Find you high quality candidates who really align with your culture

How does Recruiter on Demand work?

We jump in as your internal recruiter when you need us. You can typically save between 60% – 80%
compared to recruitment agency fees as you are just paying for our time.
• There is no need to liaise with specialist recruitment agencies
• With a quote provided in advance, you are in full control the costs
• We’ll be your internal recruiter managing the whole process when you need us.

Recruiter On Demand recruitment services include

Sourcing candidates

  • Create engaging adverts
  • Identify the right channels to advertise
  • Attract passive candidates
  • Surface up quality candidates from all responses
  • Build effective relationships with candidates

Screening and selecting

  • Screen CV’s and shortlist quality candidates
  • Build relationships with candidates
  • Engage with candidates on a regular basis
  • Select quality candidates through the interview process
  • Evaluate outcomes from assessment centres

Recruitment advice and consultancy

  • A step by step approach to building a talent pipeline
  • Advice on how to attract the best talent in your industry
  • Develop a process and plan
  • Advice on employer branding
  • Insight into new employee onboarding

What are your challenges? Where do you need additional support? For a bespoke recruitment
solution for your business speak to Recruiter on Demand today.