Expert support for start-ups and SMEs with little in-house recruitment resource

A Fresh Alternative to the Recruitment Agency

Recruiter On Demand are a collective of highly skilled and adaptable in-house recruitment experts. We engineer solutions to alleviate your hiring pressures and partner with you to deliver.

Hiring needs are not linear, we get that. As such, we’ve built a model that enables our clients to be more agile – fee-for-time. You pay for one of our experts to work as a member of your team, for as little, or as long as you need (our model typically saves our clients 80% on their cost per hire!).

Why Choose Recruiter On Demand?


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Our Services for Start-ups and SME’s

Find High Quality Candidates

Allow our experts to source, sift and work with you to attract and acquire the best talent in the market.

Better still, because we build talent pools from scratch, every candidate that we source will be available to you for future use.

Crack the Culture Fit Criteria

An employee’s cultural fit within an organisation is fundamental to success within a role.

We have mustered a methodology that enables us to gauge a candidate’s cultural compatibility; this forms part of our thorough candidate screening process as standard.

Capitalise on Competitive Pricing

Our payment model is fee-for-time. We assess the requirements and ascertain how many weeks or months it will take us to deliver.

Our transparent ‘No Placement Fee’ model typically saves our clients 80% on their cost per hire.

Partner With Us, As You Need

We are collaborators. We are not here to bombard you with CVs, we are not another supplier to manage. Recruiter on Demand take the time to fully understand what your hiring manager and organisation needs, and we will tailor a solution based on that.

Consider this, we can:

  • Sift through all of the applications for a given role (no matter the source given we are not driven by placement fees)

  • Be the key point of contact for a role across the business – your assigned consultant will work exclusively with your organisation

  • Provide salary benchmarking, market mapping, industry insights and reporting

To discuss your needs and challenges and see how we can help, contact James Chapman on 01273 974 030.